You Are Your Best Friend

You ARE Your Best Friend… !

Interesting how life has a way of forcing you to become your own best friend.  It is as if an invisible divine force is silently pushing you to look in the right direction.  Our busy lives demand our time and energy so we can get things done.  This is when we neglect ourselves because we just cannot find the time and, not to mention, the right state of mind which eludes us.

A few months ago, suddenly I got very sick.  About 20 minutes after dinner,  I was very nauseous and my stomach was very upset.  within a few hours  my stomach could not hold anything… I was sick all night and the following day.  I felt feverish, weak, nauseated, and my head ached.

By the third day I started feeling better.  The ailment disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared… strange!  I thought maybe it was a 24-48 hour bug…  but I was not really convinced.  Then I knew that I needed to find the cause of this sudden discomfort.

Beware of the monster named Stress…

Life has shown me curiosity  to get to know myself better with every circumstance and with every experience.   A good part of the answer to  emotional distress is knowing yourself.  And so I have become my own best friend

Delving into my innermost feelings, knowing my physical body, and knowing how my body reacts to emotions, gives me a leeway to counteract any unnecessary stress.  Needless to say,  Stress the monster does not ask your permission to enter your door!   Today’s world is already laden with stress.   Current research points to  stress as the underlying cause of 90% of all illness and disease.   Finding ways to beat the monster is to our advantage!

…A flashback on my thoughts before getting sick…

My life had been recently charged with a lot of negative emotions because of family misunderstandings and disagreements.  The sad little girl in me was crying for a  way out.  I was in a position that made me very uncomfortable and I had allowed it to get the best of me–my emotional balance.

Fortunately for me, I remembered that some time ago  I had become my own best friend.  I quickly snapped out of it.  I recognized  how the uncontrolled situation had gotten the best of me–if only for a short time!  I immediately got a rein on my thoughts and replaced them with more positive ones.

Yes… this definitely works!  Our thoughts materialize!  Our thoughts can manifest physical illness brought on by emotional distress.  If you are reading this and thinking “ha!… easier said than done!…” I understand how you feel.  But… let me tell you…

It is easier than many of us think..!  In the same way that illness can manifest, so can joy, love, tranquility… whatever our thoughts intend!

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  1. It’s true. you can have an argument with someone and it can affect you for days. also stress, working too much and not getting enough sleep. once you get sick you realize that old saying “All you need is your health” Is very true.

    1. Most definitely, Brian. We have to take control of our emotions so that we can handle a situation before it gets to an argument. This becomes more difficult when we are run down due to lack of rest, because it also affects and decreases our tolerance. You might want to read my post, “Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Life,” to get a little more insight on this. Stay connected!

  2. Hello, I enjoyed reading your post. I agree 100% that our emotional states can present themselves physically. Personally, when I get anxious or nervous, my stomach cramps up, I lose my appetite, sometimes I become nauseous. Sometimes it’s hard to relax and undo the emotional damage, but it is definitely something we can all do if we work at it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Absolutely! Will, I am happy that you are aware of that aspect of your physical self. This also means that you are in touch with that aspect of your emotions. This is something great because as you develop this self-awareness, in time, you will be emotionally balanced. Stay connected to keep me abreast of your development. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Janxio. Thoughts become things indeed. If one is constantly thinking negative thoughts…then negativeness is all they will ever see. “The Law of Attraction” talks about this type of philosophy as well as many eastern religions.

    I’m glad you have found your way…life is to short to bask in negativity.

    As for your health, that book by Raymond Francis “Never Be Sick Again”…is so awesome,, it change my life, i don’t even get stomach sick any more.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Drake! I will add the book to my reading list. Indeed, I have found my way… and the best thing for me is that I can share it and make a little difference to make our world better 🙂

  4. I agree you can let situations get you down and it can affect you terribly. Me I get meaner than a chess and that isn’t fair to anyone in my presence. So if I think about myself and know if something is going to affect me in that manner I do all I can to avoid those situations. I turn to my spiritual self and diffuse negative situations.

    1. And you are doing the right thing Ronnie. I am happy that you can take control of that kind of situation when you see it coming. One thought comes to mind… I understand that you turn to your real self–spirit, to diffuse negative situations… but are you diffusing or avoiding the situation? We have to be careful about letting long-standing, deep grievances be “water under the bridge” because many times it is something that comes back to haunt us in future situations. 🙂

  5. This is great, Janxio!
    Many religions/philosophical/spiritual teachings seem to promote that same idea that “the kingdom of heaven is within”, that we should look internally for a truer sense of positivity and comfort rather than to external/material things or other people. We cannot always control what takes place in our life. What we can control is our interpretation of and reaction to these circumstances, and by becoming our best friend we can begin to “rein in” our thoughts and emotions just like you said! That way they can begin to work as signposts that guide us and inform us instead of adding stress and forcing impulsive action. Love it!

    1. And you are so right in quoting that “the kingdom of heaven is within” Jason! All the answers lie within us. To find the source of truth requires that we go deep into our own being first. It is here where one finds all the answers. How can we be a true friend to someone else, if we are not our own best friend first?

  6. Wow,

    Everything you said is so very true, but we all fall into letting our situation take over our health. I have been through several different health issue’s not all of my own, but when a family member gets sick …We all get sick.

    Stress like you spoke about in your wonderful blog, will take over our lives ……

    If You Let It!

    This is a great reminder to us all to always remember the good things happening around us!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Gloria Darni

    1. Indeed Gloria…! It makes me happy that you are aware of the importance of handling stress in our life. We are all one, held together by an invisible energy string. This is especially so with our immediate family members with whom we share our physical space. Little do we know that all those feelings and emotions are caving into our own being, little by little becoming one with us… the good… and the bad! So we need to take responsibility for our individual well-being. Tell me if I can help you see my thoughts on this more clearly. Thank you for your thoughts 🙂

  7. This is such an insightful and personal post. It was very brave of you to share something so deep within yourself – how giving. I think you’ll really be able to help a lot of people by showing your own vulnerability and bravery. Thank you so much for sharing. xo

    1. Katie… I am thankful that I got to a point in my life where I am comfortable when I share my own vulnerability to help others. It is feeling it… and “feeling” is an integral part of our emotions. Life’s challenges are so trying that we begin to form a hard shell around us to avoid feeling, because we become afraid to “feel” and be hurt. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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