Did You Forget to Feel…???

Afraid of being hurt… but truly feeling our emotions is so necessary!

We go through life taking care of all the things that constitute responsibility for ourselves and others in our life: work, family, household, and on and on and on. This is a good thing. It helps us have purpose and to feel good about having met our daily responsibilities. But are we in “auto mode” all the time to avoid getting in touch with our feelings because we are afraid of being hurt?

We forget to feel in the process…

It is very unfortunate that we expend so much energy in our daily “to do” list. At this point we must pause and consider… “what am I really feeling after having checked all the items on today’s list? A sense of accomplishment that makes me feel good? Am I relieved because there a no unchecked items to be added to tomorrow’s list? I know about this feeling of accomplishment… it makes one sleep a little better. But why am I not REALLY feeling good about me… my life? Why am I not happy? Why do I feel drained and not motivated? And, worse, why am I so prone to sickness and disease?

We have yet to become in touch with our emotions and truly FEEL them. Stress is that factor which wears us down, leaving us without strength to work with our own innermost emotions.

Let’s not forget the importance of balance in all aspects of life

We rely on our five senses to process sensory information which takes us through the myriad activities of the mind and physical body: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. I propose to you that we need to add to our senses the ability to feel our emotions as an intrinsic aspect of our daily life. Once we are in touch with our emotions, regardless of good or bad, we begin to know ourselves at the deepest level. We become more emotionally adjusted because then we are able to sense which emotions are working for and against us.

We then create balance by decreasing the emotions that harm us. Improving the good emotions will naturally guide us to that halfway point that is balance. We cannot expect to have only good emotions. Remember that we are human and therefore not perfect!

Stress Related Illness Statistics

Surprising but true, 75 to 90 percent of doctor visits have stress as the underlying cause of illnesses and disease, according to recent medical research. That is a whopping 90 percent of ALL conceivable illnesses and disease!!! Although there is tons of self-help ways to combat stress, we are not giving the time and importance to this issue to help us become happier individuals. This is why I believe that creating balance in our life is so crucial. Creating time for ourselves to go deep within our feelings and emotions while acknowledging who we really are, as well as accepting our true self, is definitely a game changer that paves the way to a happier life.

If you resonate with this, you might want get more professional insight into this subject.

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3 Replies to “Did You Forget to Feel…???”

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Gwenyth! My aspiration and intent for my site is to help others get through the daily mishaps that all of us face today. When we acknowledge our emotions we take control and the result is EMPOWERMENT. We become more resilient to deal with whatever may come.

      Many blessings and success to you!

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