Of Mind And Science

There is a space in the unnoticed world where mind and science meet and bond.  This is the undetected space where we can find mental health.  To reach this threshold, we must become flexible with the way we view things… how we perceive people,  how we perceive the world,  how we perceive life… how we perceive ourselves.

In this section of my little corner of the world my wish is to enlighten us, so that we may go beyond  that threshold where mind and science meet… the door leading to emotional balance.  Again, we are all learning.  Learning is a process that never ends for those of us who want to make our life more livable amidst the rampant global chaos which is driving us to human frailty.

I invite you to bookmark this page and visit often, so that we can see what the rest of the world is thinking in this respect… so that we can become savvy about emotional balance.

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