My Life Flows Like Water

Just like the waters of a naturally occurring stream flowing into an outlet, then a river, then an ocean, so is our life.  Flow is the natural way of life.

My life flows like water, and so does everyone else’s life.  When we feel that we are stuck and going nowhere because there is so much going on in our personal life, and the world around us is full of natural disasters, we must remember that life always flowsWe  and only we, are responsible for feeling the way we do because we have not taken responsibility for our life’s outcome.

We Sabotage Our Natural Flow

We expect someone, or something, or a situation to change; we expect a miracle.  And while we wait for that change, we become increasingly stagnant, until stagnation reaches a point where we lose track of time, of goals, of our life.

Then we start to feel as if there is no hope.  We look around and see so much sadness, anger,  and despair.   Unaware, we are absorbed by this negative energy that weighs us down deeper and deeper.  So deep that it starts manifesting negatively in our physical body.  We become ill with no scientific explanation.  Only questions… why is this happening to me?

But There Is Hope…

Until we snap out of this nightmare and acknowledge that only we have the power to change our life to its natural flow state, we will stay in the dark.   Each one of us has the answer within.   It only takes willingness to acknowledge our feelings and the courage to face them… head on!!!

Our life is like a natural stream of water that flows into a river and widens its scope.  Then forces itself into an ocean of blissful freedom, if we let it.

Yes, flow is the natural way of life; and only YOU can control that flow.

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