Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Life

I am constantly amazed by the terrible consequences  which one faces in life, much as a result of negative mental stimulation during our childhood.  Our brain is injected with others’ ways of viewing the world, to the extent that we lose our individuality.

What is Right and What is Wrong???

We are so confused with what is right and what is wrong that we forget to live life to the fullest.  When you change your thoughts to change your life, a door of  remarkable opportunity opens.  This door leads you to an entirely different way of viewing your life.

The First And Most Important  Thing

Acknowledge your thoughts…. all your thoughts.  Regardless of whether you feel they are good or bad.  There is no self-criticism or judgement involved whatsoever.  Think of it as if you are not you.  You step out and become another entity that is going to “see”  your thoughts, without judging or expecting an outcome.   Completely neutral.

Is there a perfect place to live…

Is there a perfect place to live within your mindset right now? Go there!  If it is too difficult to step aside and “see” your thoughts, you can focus on an object that catches your full attention.  For instance, if you believe in angels, this other entity could be an angel who is going to help you “see” your thoughts.

You will  know which thoughts are affecting your life in a negative way.  Practice this as many times as possible each day.    Soon you will see how acknowledging your thoughts will make you more comfortable with them (negative or positive).

How To Find A Way To Center Yourself

To help you through this, find a way to center yourself.  Using creative visualization works for some people, not for everyone.   So I suggest you think about something that brings a feeling of tranquility… anything.  When you think about that thing (person, place, situation, experience, pet, etc.) you want to breathe deeper.  You will feel your facial muscles relax.  You are not forcing your thoughts to be that thing.   You simply think about it, you breathe it in, and just let it be.

Watching soothing live nature scenes works for me.  When I can’t be out in nature, I play live nature video apps on my television.   Fish and ocean life with soothing music is great.  It takes me back to my natural essence, to when my life was “neutral.”  Without preconceived notions, when thoughts were neither good or bad–when things just are.

Simple, Yet Effective…

This process may seem simple… but I assure you, it is very effective!!!  Soon you will start to come to terms with your emotions, which many a times are triggered by your thoughts.  You will learn to differentiate between the thoughts that trigger “filling good” emotions from the ones that trigger emotions that make you angry or sad.

The beauty of this is that once you get used to this process, you can do it anytime, anywhere, under any circumstance.  It will become second nature because you will be in touch with your thoughts and therefore able to harness the ones that don’t work for you.

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