Awakening Times

There is a moment in time  when you feel as if you are in  suspended space.   This is a true moment.   When everything makes sense. The time in your life when you are at a certain age and you have life figured out.   When you awoke.  It is the awakening times when you see things in the light.  When you are young.   Maybe too young to make sense of things,  yet you know that you have the answer.   Maybe 18,  20, 25, 30… ?

At this moment in time you decide to live life for what it is.  Your number of earth years are not important.  They don’t make a difference.    You have decided to just live your life according to this awakening.

But… What If Life Has Passed You By…???

But what if life has passed you by and now you are 40, 50…?  60, 70, 80…?  What does it matter if your dreams are accomplished when you are 15, 25, 30, 40, 70…90?   Are you going to become stagnant because all you can think about is how “life has passed me.”

So…. what if life has passed you by?  Do we feel that we need to accomplish our dreams early in our lifetime because that is a prerequisite to  happiness?  Then we will have all the time left on this plane to enjoy our accomplishments, right?  More often than not,  this is not how it goes.   Because we  soon realize that we are still not happy.  We’re back to the beginning.

Just Enjoy The Ride!

How about just enjoying the ride.   Being aware of our essence and everything around us.   How about using our emotions, along with our five earthly senses, so we can really taste this life… to get a real feel for it.   And at the end of that road, we will haven forgotten that we needed to “accomplish” something to make us feel “better” because we have enjoyed the process so wholly that we forgot to worry about it.

Better Will Never Be Until Good Is…

Better will never be until good is.  Good only happens when you see yourself for what you really are.  Are you in this “rat race” because you want to prove to yourself and to the rest of the world that you are capable, or are you in this because you want to experience this game… the game of life.

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