You Are Your Best Friend

You ARE Your Best Friend… !

Interesting how life has a way of forcing you to become your own best friend.  It is as if an invisible divine force is silently pushing you to look in the right direction.  Our busy lives demand our time and energy so we can get things done.  This is when we neglect ourselves because we just cannot find the time and, not to mention, the right state of mind which eludes us.

A few months ago, I got very sick, suddenly.  About 20 minutes after dinner,  I was very nauseous and my stomach was very upset.  within a few hours  my stomach could not hold anything… I was sick all night and the following day.  I felt feverish, weak, nauseated, and my head ached.

By the third day I started feeling better.  The ailment disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared… strange!  I thought maybe it was a 24-48 hour bug…  but I was not really convinced.  Then I knew that I needed to find the cause of this sudden discomfort.

Beware of the monster named Stress…

Life has shown me curiosity  to get to know myself better with every circumstance and with every experience.   A good part of the answer to  emotional distress is knowing yourself.  And so I have become my own best friend

Delving into my innermost feelings, knowing my physical body, and knowing how my body reacts to emotions, gives me a leeway to counteract any unnecessary stress.  Needless to say,  Stress the monster does not ask your permission to enter your door!   Today’s world is already laden with stress.   It is to our advantage to avoid it as much as we can!

…A flashback on my thoughts before getting sick…

My life had been recently charged with a lot of negative emotions because of family misunderstandings and disagreements.  The sad little girl in me was crying for a  way out.  I was in a position that made me very uncomfortable and I had allowed it to get the best of me–my emotional balance.

Fortunately for me, I remembered that some time ago  I had become my own best friend.  I quickly snapped out of it.  I recognized  how the uncontrolled situation had gotten the best of me–if only for a short time!  I immediately got a rein on my thoughts and replaced them with more positive ones.

Yes… this definitely works!  Our thoughts materialize!  Our thoughts can manifest physical illness brought on by emotional distress.  If you are reading this and thinking “ha!… easier said than done!…” I understand how you feel.  But… let me tell you…

It is easier than many of us think..!  In the same way that illness can manifest, so can joy, love, tranquility… whatever our thoughts intend!


My Life Flows Like Water

Just like the waters of a naturally occurring stream flowing into an outlet, then a river, then an ocean, so is our life.  Flow is the natural way of life.

My life flows like water, and so does everyone else’s life.  When we feel that we are stuck and going nowhere because there is so much going on in our personal life, and the world around us is full of natural disasters, we must remember that life always flowsWe  and only we, are responsible for feeling the way we do because we have not taken responsibility for our life’s outcome.

We Sabotage Our Natural Flow

We expect someone, or something, or a situation to change; we expect a miracle.  And while we wait for that change, we become increasingly stagnant, until stagnation reaches a point where we lose track of time, of goals, of our life.

Then we start to feel as if there is no hope.  We look around and see so much sadness, anger,  and despair.   Unaware, we are absorbed by this negative energy that weighs us down deeper and deeper, so deep that it starts manifesting in our physical body.  We become ill with no scientific explanation… only questions… why is this happening to me?

Until we snap out of this nightmare and acknowledge that only we have the power to change our life to its natural flow state, we will stay in the dark.  Our life is like a natural stream of water that flows into a river and widens its scope, then forces itself into an ocean.

Yes, flow is the natural way of life; and only YOU can control that flow.

Awakening Times


There is a moment in time  when you feel as if you are in  suspended space.   This is a true moment.   When everything makes sense. The time in your life when you are at a certain age and you have life figured out.   When you awoke.  It is the awakening times when you see things in the light.  When you are young.   Maybe too young to make sense of things,  yet you know that you have the answer.   Maybe 18,  20, 25, 30… ?

At this moment in time you decide to live life for what it is.  Your number of earth years are not important.  They don’t make a difference.    You have decided to just live your life according to this awakening.

But… What If Life Has Passed You By…???

But what if life has passed you by and now you are 40, 50…?  60, 70, 80…?  What does it matter if your dreams are accomplished when you are 15, 25, 30, 40, 70…90?   Are you going to become stagnant because all you can think about is how “life has passed me.”

So…. what if life has passed you by?  Do we feel that we need to accomplish our dreams early in our lifetime because that is a prerequisite to  happiness?  Then we will have all the time left on this plane to enjoy our accomplishments, right?  More often than not,  this is not how it goes.   Because we  soon realize that we are still not happy.  We’re back to the beginning.

Just Enjoy The Ride!

How about just enjoying the ride.   Being aware of our essence and everything around us.   How about using our emotions, along with our five earthly senses, so we can really taste this life… to get a real feel for it.   And at the end of that road, we will haven forgotten that we needed to “accomplish” something to make us feel “better” because we have enjoyed the process so wholly that we forgot to worry about it.

Better Will Never Be Until Good Is…

Better will never be until good is.  Good only happens when you see yourself for what you really are.  Are you in this “rat race” because you want to prove to yourself and to the rest of the world that you are capable, or are you in this because you want to experience this game… the game of life.


Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Life

It does not seize to amaze me the terrible consequences one faces in life as a result of negative mental stimulation during our childhood.  Our brain is injected with others’ ways of viewing the world, to the extent that we lose our individuality.

What is Right and What is Wrong???

We are so confused with what is right and what is wrong that we forget to live life to the fullest.  When you change your thoughts to change your life, a door of  remarkable opportunity opens.  This door leads you to an entirely different way of viewing your life.

The First and Most Important Thing

Acknowledge your thoughts…. all your thoughts… regardless of whether you feel they are good or bad.  There is no self-criticism or judgement involved whatsoever… think of it as if you are not you.  You step out and become another entity that is going to “see”  your thoughts, without judging or expecting an outcome.   Completely neutral.

Is there a perfect place to live…

Is there a perfect place to live within your mindset right now? Go there!  If it is too difficult to step aside and “see” your thoughts, you can focus on an object that catches your full attention.  For instance, if you believe in angels, this other entity could be an angel who is going to help you “see” your thoughts.You will  know which thoughts are affecting your life in a negative way.  Practice this as many times as possible each day.    Soon you will see how acknowledging your thoughts will make you more comfortable with them (negative or positive).

How To Find A Way To Center Yourself

To help you through this, find a way to center yourself.  Using creative visualization works for some people, not for everyone.   So I suggest you think about something that brings a feeling of tranquility… anything.  When you think about that thing (person, place, situation, experience, pet, etc.) you want to breathe deeper.  You will feel your facial muscles relax.  You are not forcing your thoughts to be that thing.   You simply think about it, you breathe it in, and just let it be.

What works for me is watching soothing live nature scenes.  When I can’t be out in nature, I play live nature video apps on my television.   Fish and ocean life with soothing music is great.  It takes me back to my natural essence, to when my life was “neutral” without preconceived notions, when thoughts were neither good or bad–when things just are.

This process may seem simple… but I assure you, it’s very effective!!!  Soon you will start to come to terms with your emotions, which many a times are triggered by your thoughts.  You will learn to differentiate between the thoughts that trigger “filling good” emotions from the ones that trigger emotions that make you angry or sad.

The beauty of this is that once you get used to this process you can do it anytime, anywhere, under any circumstance.  It will become second nature because you will be in touch with your thoughts and therefore able to harness the thoughts that don’t work for you.



Food For Your Thoughts

Yes… I do believe that we can succeed in getting anything we want if we believe (truly believe) that we are capable.  If you are somewhat like me–and I dare say a lot of us are alike in this respect–you know that we spend most of our lives trying to make sense of everything around us.

We become like robots…

From the time we are born we mimic the actions of our parents.  We are like little automatons–duplicates who try to make sense of the world through the eyes of our parents.  Unknowingly, our parents deprive us of the food for your thoughts needed so we can develop into spiritually strong and confident beings.

Out Of The Norm Parents

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to exercise the free-will handed to us, since our parents always “know best.”  Of course, there are exceptions.  Here and there you will find a truly accomplished adult because his/her parents had an unusual way of raising children.  “It’s-okay-to-let-the-baby explore-the-territory” kind of thinking.   This out of the norm parent believes in supervising the child and offering sound advice only as needed; letting the child form his/her own judgments and opinions, thereby allowing the child to arm with the knowledge and know-how that will work best in making the right decisions throughout life.  What I call “food for your thoughts.”emotional-balance-brain

This is not a criticism to parents who subscribe to the previously mentioned mode of child-rearing.  It is just making a point.  The brain needs stimulation to develop and experience wholly, so it can become strong enough and be the real master of matter, capable of using free will and thereby developing the wisdom to make the right decisions throughout our lives from an early age.  With the loving, supportive, and emotionally-reinforcing  parent supervision, of course.

I believe that for many, this is the reason we don’t know how to recognize our truly outstanding capabilities at an early stage of life.  Instead, we go through infancy, childhood, and most of adulthood trying to decipher life–what a waste of time considering that our life here is so short!

I Welcome your thoughts.